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New Horizons 21st Century Learning Center (CCLC)

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New Horizons 21st Century Learning Center (CCLC) Site Coordinator

New Horizons 21st Century Learning Center (CCLC)
Site Coordinator (75% time) at Soap Lake Elementary
PAY RANGE:   $40,000 - $45,000 (7 hour day, 220 day contract)


A Site Coordinator will be hired for this federally funded project (funding anticipated until August 2019 based on Congressional funding).  The successful candidate will have the responsibility to design and oversee programming for Soap Lake Elementary, will recruit, hire and train tutors and support staff as needed to provide program oversight, develop and provide quality training and programming, establish communications with building teachers and administrators including the principal, counselor, data personnel to ensure smooth running of the program.  The Site Coordinator will engage with project partners as appropriate to bring in remediation program and enrichment activities appropriate to the skills and grade level of students in their site.  These individuals will provide support to key program components, including tutor training and supervision, community service, and career exploration (Soap Lake Middle School/High School), among other duties as assigned.



  • A completed Bachelor of Arts degree (MA preferred), in Education, public administration, youth development, counseling or related fields.
  • Three or more years of first-hand experience working with low-income or disadvantaged youth K-12 in academic remediation and/or enrichment, and/or youth development activities including leadership and/or recreation, with some demonstration of supervisory experience and ability.
  • Ideally, multiple years (3 or more) experience in a school building or similar program working with youth in academic or youth development programs; specific experience with elementary aged students highly desirable. 
    Teaching or training experience highly desirable.

Able to:

  • Manage, supervise and direct all program operations, including hiring and supervising staff and tutors, designing program activities for students and parents.
  • Design, implement and oversee all NEW HORIZONS Project activities.
  • Collaborate with teachers, data personnel and counselors to identify and recruit students.
  • Follow district and building guidelines for student safety, supervision and safety procedures in the building.
  • Continually evaluate program activities and bring continuous improvements.
  • Identify, recruit and coordinate available community resources.
  • Help to publicize the program locally and statewide.
  • Assist state project supervisor in support of local 21st CCLC partnership efforts.
  • Recruit, hire, train and supervise State Work-Study college student employees to tutor and mentor program participants and provide on-site administrative support.
  • Maintain proper cost accounting records for all expenditures.
  • Maintain records for the project and provide such records to the project supervisor upon request.
  • Solicit and track in-kind and cash contributions of goods and services from external sources.
  • Work closely with the state project supervisor to ensure that the terms specified in the federal grant application are being met and provide high quality written reports needed for federal project compliance. 
    Assist the Project Director and other supervisory personnel (Barbara Peterson, NLA; Tracy Plouse, Project Evaluator) in efforts to evaluate program effectiveness.

Relevant Experience and Skills:

  • Demonstrated success in coordinating resources from a variety of local and community-based organizations.
  • Demonstrated success in implementing and administering similar programs for youth especially academic remediation and enrichment; and/or youth programming.
  • Knowledge of community, educational and social service resources; familiarity with such resources in the community.
  • Broad-based understanding of the cultural, economic and social issues facing low-income and disadvantaged students and families in the community.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a wide range of people, including local service providers such as schools, local colleges, community service organizations, as well as students from a variety of cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds.
  • Strong administrative skills and experience.
  • Sensitivity to cultural and community norms.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Creative problem- solving abilities and flexibility with program design and implementation.
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and execute high quality programs for youth in academic skill building and academic enrichment activities.

Current: August 2014

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