• I think that my class is going to do better than the previous classes because we visited colleges as freshman and learned about what it takes to continue our education after high school.

    Marcia Rivera

HL + L2 Spanish Clubs

Teaching Heritage Language Speakers with Second Language Learners

Understanding mixed classes

  • Good fit for L2 but not for HL students
  • Instruction micro based (step by step – follow the teacher)
  • Socio-cultural topics and issues geared toward students with no family connection to the heritage language
  • Language topics are fine-tuned to needs of L2 learners
  • H2 students need to engage with authentic materials at the start of instruction – L2 students build toward use of authentic materials

Instructional Strategies that Work for HL & L2

  • Engagement with an authentic task (built in that Language
  • Class room interaction
  • Form-focused instruction
  • Macro-based learning
    1. Break tasks into small steps
    2. Provide clear, detailed directions
    3. Provide opportunities for practice
    4. Model different components of the task
    5. Monitor student progress closely

What are Multiliteracies?

  • Recognition of communication in global society
  • Use of new technologies
  • Use of multi-modal text – video/audio/written/photos/graphs etc.
  • Shifting meanings among diverse groups
  • Use of literacy principles
    • Collaboration
    • Use of conventions (grammar and spelling)
    • Cultural knowledge – multilevel HOLIDAYS, SOCIAL ISSUES, ACTIVISM
    • Problem solving
    • Reflection/Self-reflection
    • Interpretation


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