• At first, I thought this was only an after-school study class but over the years I have discovered that it’s so much more. I’m so happy that the we’ve had the program for five years but I am sad to know that next year is the last year it will be here.

    Chad Desjardins

World Language Enrichment

Spanish Language Support

NLA Group believes in supporting Spanish language instruction for both heritage language speakers and second language learners.  Our after school Spanish clubs address the needs of both groups by using common experiences that allow use of Spanish in a variety of contexts.

With support from the American Library Association and REFORMA (The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish speaking) NLA Group has been able to purchase authentic Spanish books, not translations, from the world’s largest Spanish language book fair in Guadalajara for the past two years.

Cookbooks, comic books, novels, poetry, history and culturally informative pictures books enrich Spanish exploration.

Students use digital services such as NewsELA and BBC Mundo to read or watch Spanish content at a variety of literacy levels.

NLA Group has developed a Theory of Change model for Spanish Language Clubs which supports World Language Standards and values the heritage language of many of our students.

World-readiness Standards For Learning Languages

Communication - interaction, analysis, presentation skills

Culture - relating cultural practices and products to perspectives

Connections - using critical thinking to evaluate diverse perspectives

Comparisons - helming students understand one language by comparing it to another- requires knowledge of grammar and metaphors or other literary devices that may be used differently in different languages.

Communities - using language to interact and collaborate with the community and to enjoy learning and using language

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