• I’m Hispanic and my parents immigrated to this country because they wanted a better education for us and they wanted us to have a better opportunity than they had.

    Jasmine Mogollan

Bridging the STEM Gap for Rural Students

Even with limited resources, schools far from urban centers are making real-world connections

The need to prepare young students for STEM careers is urgent. That’s even true in Washington state, ranking fourth nationally for technology-based corporations as home to Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon and many smaller employers. STEM is serious business in our state.

An estimated 45,000 STEM-related jobs in Washington will go unfilled in 2017. The successful new employees are likely to come from outside the state. Washington ranks 46th nationwide for students participating in science and engineering graduate programs and remains a net importer of bachelor- and graduate-level STEM professionals.

Washington’s STEM employers seek more well-prepared local applicants. What’s needed are more students in the pipeline, and that means students from many rural communities.

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