• Some students head home or to the streets, others stay for sports practice and others go straight into the library. It’s the last place you might expect to find a student at the end of the day. But that’s where our after-school program is located.

    Ivon Garcia

Brain Trust

The Brain Trust program improves struggling students’ academic performance in math, science and reading and enhances their skills and motivation for a role in the global economy.

The Brain Trust project serves over 200 students from kindergarten through high school, more than 80% of whom are Hispanic and over 85% of whom qualify as low-income. The program includes 20hr/week of teacher tutoring in key academic areas, as well as interactive activities to stimulate de

velopment of STEM learning skills, including partnerships with Wild Horse WindFarms and Grant County PUD. Parents also participate in the program, attending English literacy courses and other family events. Other partners: University of Washington College of Engineering, Central Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, WSU Extension and Big Bend Community College.


Years in Execution: 2009 to the present

Highland and Royal School Districts

Participating Schools: Marcus Whitman-Cowiche Elementary, Tieton Intermediate, Highland Jr. High, Highland High School, Red Rock Elementary




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