• Some students head home or to the streets, others stay for sports practice and others go straight into the library. It’s the last place you might expect to find a student at the end of the day. But that’s where our after-school program is located.

    Ivon Garcia

Global Village

The Global Village Project serves over 700 students identified as low-income, Hispanic, English language learners, or migrant students in Eastern Washington’s Big Sky Country, a vast, isolated rural plain in the Columbia Basin where agri-business wheat and potato fields stretch to the horizon.

The program serves the high school and two middle schools, as well as two of the district’s most challenged elementary programs both of which are located on a former air force base where poverty rates and other at-risk factors significantly depress student performance. Students participate in after-school programming aimed to improve their performance in math, reading and science. Special efforts help to address the high school drop-out rate of more than 35%. Parents also participate in literacy programs and family educational events. The project partners closely with Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church with several Spanish-language program offerings. Other partners include the Boys and Girls Club, the MLSD Key Club, and Big Bend Community College.



Years in Execution: 2007-present

Moses Lake School District

Participating Schools: Larson Heights Elementary, North Elementary, Chief Moses Middle School, Frontier Middle School, Moses Lake High School


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