• Students and parents have lost the fear of leaving family and going into the unknown. Getting introduced to college campuses early in the 6th grade has helped me to focus on my studies and succeed in school.

    Jasmine Mogollan

World Citizen

The World Citizen project is heavily focused on math skills acquisition and serves over 500 low-income, struggling students in four schools, increasing their performance in math as well as reading, inspiring them to succeed academically and seek a meaningful life-path.

The title ‘World Citizen’ recognizes the large number of students in these districts who speak Spanish as a first language.

The primary focus is on academic support for students in math but providing needed enrichment activities to these students in these two isolated rural communities. Other enrichment activities include hands-on programs such as welding, drama, music and community service efforts. Parent programming includes literacy programs, conversational English, math and computer skill building and family support. Partnerships include University of Washington College of Music, area businesses, and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. 

Years in Execution: 2009-Present

Royal and Wahluke School Districts

Participating Schools: Royal Middle School; Royal High School; Wahluke Middle School; Wahluke High School


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