• With so many threatening things out there is is essential to have an after-school program that helps us become more involved in school and keeps up focused on healthy activities.

    Jasmine Mogollan

An afterschool STEM program for Hispanic students

Hispanic youth from low socio-economic backgrounds represent an increasingly large percentage of students in the U.S. They are unfortunately an underrepresented group among those who study and pursue careers in STEM fields.

To help create environments where low income Highland and Quincy Middle School students can become meaningfully engaged in STEM subjects, Washington STEM is providing support to the Northwest Learning & Achievement Group in its creation of afterschool STEM programs at both schools. The afterschool programs will involve teacher training and direct educational experiences with the students.

During the year-long program, students will learn about alternative energy production in Central Washington by directly observing wind energy creation at Wild Horse Wind Farms and hydroelectric energy sites used by the Grant County Public Utility District. Students will meet and interact with real STEM professionals during visits to the facilities, and before and after each field trip, students will work in small groups to generate their own questions and answers as they seek clarity and understanding in the subject matter.

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