Transforming the Lives of Rural Learners

High school kids building a modelFor over a decade, the Northwest Learning and Achievement Group (NLA) has transformed the lives of young people from rural school districts. Our programs boost academic achievement and increase the numbers of students in these low-income areas who are applying for postsecondary education. Ask Matt Charlton, superintendent of the Manson School District, whose partnership with NLA resulted in 100% of his senior class applying for college this year. Or ask Leonel Delgado, who has overcome economic and social hurdles to become a tutor at Oroville High and help his classmates achieve academic success.

With the help of NLA, thousands of Hispanic and Native American learners throughout Central Washington are

challenging conventional wisdom

by demonstrating that they can exceed expectations and overcome the traditional barriers to success.

A value proposition

Innovative Stategies

NLA creates tools and strategies that are designed to inspire and motivate academic achievement among students from isolated and low-income rural environments.


NLA has an eleven-year track record of transforming the lives of rural learners by reducing drop-out rates, improving achievement on standardized tests and dramatically increasing the number of students who apply to and are accepted by colleges.

Committed to Partnerships

Since 1999, NLA has partnered with the University of Washington, Washington State University, Central Washington University, and Big Bend, Yakima, Columbia Basin, and Wenatchee V alley Community Colleges to provided programs in 70 schools in 27 districts across 8 rural counties.

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